Gear You Need for Shooting Wedding Videos

Gear You Need for Shooting Wedding Videos

Clearly the main thing to think about when filming a wedding is the camera. Many DSLRs and Mirroless cameras shoot great high definition footage these days, so there is no need to get a specialist video camera. Most useful cameras under $1,000, will shoot quality video with some good lenses attached. The exact same holds for lenses and I’ll cover that kit in another article. In this article we’ll soon be concentrating on the extra gear you’ll need, to make that wedding video job go without a hitch.

So far as lenses and cameras are involved, while one camera can work for photography. While shooting wedding video, you ought to at least have 2 cameras. Three would be the smartest choice, which would give you the most footage and a great choice of angles.


For professional video output, camera stabilization is essential. If the Couple wanted shaky camcorder footage, so they’d have only inquired that random member of the family that has a camcorder. Because they hired you as a wedding photographer, then you will have to ensure that your footage can be as stable as may be. Below are a few considerations for keeping the camera shake-free.

wedding video handycam on a tripod


The tripod would be the gold standard of stable footage. Users think They want that latest and best stabilizer toy to find the very best footage, but which may not be farther from the facts. A powerful tripod and fluid head will likely perform more to get your own video than some one of these hints.

The extra benefit is able to put in a tripod and also enable you to run a camera Run as you deal with other angles. Additionally, it produces a excellent helper during the service. It is possible to put a tripod at the rear of the place and also only allow the camera roll up at the same time you focus with a camera angle.


Now you own a camera to a tripod documenting the service on its own Own, you’ll need some thing to contain one other camera that you ought to be shooting. One of the better (and usually cheaper) solutions is always really a monopod.

Monopods are fantastic for a large number of factors. They’re streamlined, light weight, and incredibly versatile. Many carbon-fiber monopods may take an unbelievable amount of weightreduction Having the capability to quickly correct the height, then you’re able to go out of the low-angle shot into some high-angle shot at moments.

They’re also ideal for maneuvering through audiences. In rather limited space, then you are still able to shoot incredible footage and escape the manner in a minute.

Handheld Stabilizer

Mirrorless Camera Gimbal for weddings
A 3-axis gimbal is a great tool for the videographer.

A DSLR/Mirrorless 3-axis gimbal stabilizer is the perfect tool for creating professional footage. There are a few manufacturers that have been creating affordable DSLR and mirrorless camera stabilizers for a few years. Manufacturers to check out would be Feiyu-Tech, Zhiyun, and EVO Gimbals. These stabilizers allow you to move around the wedding without worrying about keeping the camera stable or level. You can focus on getting the shot.

Handheld stabilizers will be best used throughout the reception. They catch exceptional dancing footage. You may work your way in the vicinity of the dancing floor. The handheld stabilizers will also be best to use throughout portraits, since you’re able to adhere to the pair and photographer since they simply take images.

Additionally, following is a guru hint: don’t FOLLOW A BRIDE DOWN THE AISLE WITH ONE Of those! There’s not anything worse than a videographer or photographer getting from the manner of this service. This isn’t your moment! Stay out of this way! You’re designed to catch the marriage, maybe not participate in it.

Check out more gimbals on


The way you catch sound will be based on the sort of camera you are using. Because d-slrs would be the most usual cameras used to take wedding video, you’ll need multiple sound sources. If you’re employing a conventional video camera, then you might have builtin the capability to plug into a microphone via XLR.



You’re going to require that a versatile sound recorder. You need some thing which has builtin operation, accepts external microphones, and lets you plug to your sound board.

If you’re dealing together with an excellent DJ, then it is easy to plug in the DJ sound board (should they allow you to). Be cautious of the, since no 2 DJs are just alike. You might wind up having a dreadful mixture that you just can’t utilize. Make certain that you’ve got loads of copies set up also, like a sound feed into your own camera or even an extra recorder.

On board Camera Microphone

If your camera has a mic built in, then make certain that you own it recording. Even when you are not thinking about using it, then it’s fantastic to have a backup. Additionally, it is going to assist you to sync with the footage once you’re editing.

If you’re employing a DSLR, then you want to install a mic to receive passable songs. It ought to be said that including a microphone to some DSLR is stilln’t likely to become the very best option. The cameras weren’t built to catch optimal audio. Simply put it to use as a copy.

Audio Cables

Make certain you’ve got tons of wires handy. You may at least need XLR, 1/4 inch to 3.5millimeter, and RCA audio wires. You’ll require them to plug in the DJ sound board, any place speakers, and in the sound recorder.


You won’t ever be putting any recessed lighting throughout the service or reception. But you are going to require some thing that you need to utilize in a touch. The very best choice is to make use of that an LED lighting which it is possible to use on camera, handheld, or in a rack.

A little LED lighting is mobile and simple to toss in a own bag. Chances are You may not absolutely desire it before reception. The DJ’s lighting setup may possibly offer a excellent appearance, if perhaps not merely have a lighting ready for almost any lowlight situations

Miscellaneous Gear

Together with the massive camera gear, below are a few of small Things take under account. This camera service gear is likely to make every thing go much simpler.

lots of memory cards Memory Cards & Case

You’re going to require a huge amount of cards. As stated previously, shooting a wedding video Is the same as shooting a small-budget film. Stay clear of trying to take every thing about a massive card. Possessing multiple cards might be appear boring, but when some thing goes wrong it’s simpler to shed 16-gb of footage as opposed to 64GB.


Batteries (a variety)

Have plenty of batteries for most one’s changing demands. Camera straps, AA, and 9V batteries to get the sound microphones or recorder, in addition to batteries for the lights. In case you never possess sufficient batteries, then make certain to install a billing station so that the batteries will likely be helpful to proceed once you want them.


Below are some crucial tools to get on your tote: Gaff Tape, Extension Cord, Surge Protector, Allen Wrench, Screwdriver, multi purpose Tool. All the should be handy at some time. Be certain that you’ve got exactly the Right sizes and kinds of tools for your own gear. It’s going be difficult to tighten a Flat head screw using a phillips screwdriver.